Meetings and Events Management

We specialize in the planning and execution of business meetings and events.


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About us

We understand the importance of corporate events in driving business goals but discover that 5 in 100 companies are able to leverage the benefit of these events and 1 out of the 5 does so successfully.

Our solution therefore delivers holistic processes to achieving event success. These include event design and strategy, venue sourcing and contracting, hotel reservation, attendee management, event marketing, event coordination, and so much more.

As a result, we help in solving the problem of time constraint, budget constraint and limited expertise by closing the gap. Leveraging our hospitality background and experience in event execution help us to uniquely position as specialist and expert in corporate event management.

With a blend of project management and hospitality experience, we deliver first class solution. Our strategic partnership with premium hotels and our dedicated team of professionals offers top-notch service delivery.

Our business model involves making an impact in the MICE sector and providing real satisfaction.



Our services are targeted towards corporate events such as meetings, trainings, conferences, team bonding etcetera.

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Event Planning

We walk with our clients to design, formulate and implement event strategies to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Event Coordination

This is where we manage the actualization and execution of events.

Event Catering

What is an event without good hospitality? With our expert delivery and food safety hygiene, our meals are offered to wow your guests and sweeten your occasion.

For us, it’s not just business, it is the value you get.


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