30 Event Themes And Meeting Ideas To Impress The Guests

 Event themes can also generate excitement in the lead-up to an event, as people speculate about how they will interpret the theme, what they will dress up as, what their friends will wear, and whether or not they will attempt any group costumes. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re hosting; there’s a theme out there that will completely revamp it, enhance the user experience, and make it that much more successful.

1.Back to school 

Having your guests in their old school uniforms is a fun way to stir up memories and bring everyone closer together at your event. Staff can dress as teachers, and there can be digital blackboard graffiti walls and unique furniture like old-fashioned desks.

2.Escape Rooms

A fantastic option for business team building if you want to encourage events and creative thinking among your guests. It’s exciting and memorable without relying too heavily on extreme sports or plot twists, making it ideal for a select audience.

3.Love Boat

Choose a cruise deck theme and decor, which can fit a glittering dance floor and seated dining (think Titanic ballroom, but also shipwreck and beach decor). Attendees and event workers alike could don sailor uniforms or nautical-themed themes for this theme. On the love boat, all topics are fair game.

4.Great Gatsby

A very popular theme idea that suits balls, galas, weddings and black tie events because of the lavish décor choices and the flowing gowns. This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on a lower budget, easily represented by the gold and black color palette without any massive props or signage.

5.Classic China 

This event was meticulously planned to preserve the culture and custom, including the use of traditional color palettes to celebrate the history of the area. The event in Shanghai was a success because of the careful planning and execution of the outstanding visual effects created through the use of digital technologies, color schemes, and décor.

7. Crazy Hats

This can be a great middle ground, allowing guests to wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in while still fitting in with the event’s theme or sense of humor. Or, you could be even more particular by going with “themed caps” instead.

8. Space Man

A space theme, with its dark color palettes and sparkling lights and stars, would be perfect for a nighttime event. The space theme could be expanded upon by using planets or moons as table decorations. The guests could come dressed as space travelers or aliens if fancy dress is permitted.

9. Mythical Creatures 

There is no limit to the fantastical creatures that can be invented, from dragons and fairies to mermaids and griffins. You may give life to any mythical creature or notion you can imagine, whether it was inspired by a movie, book, or TV show.

10. Wacky Races

Attendees can have a blast dressing up as their favorite characters from the original Mario Kart, and the animation itself serves as a fantastic inspiration for soapbox vehicle construction, as well as other races and athletic events like cycling and jogging.

11. Urban Graffiti

Graffiti is a fantastic concept if you’re going for a locally themed piece or if you want to achieve a cityscape vibe, and it works well whether it’s digital or the artists create their own backdrops. Using a color palette of primary, block colors and accenting it with geometric shapes brings the subject to life.

12. HoeDown

Country music, hay barrel seating, bunting, and string lights are all appropriate for this type of folk dancing event; nevertheless, a dance floor is required. Mechanical bull riding is another option, as are horse trail rides and roping practice for a more genuine western experience.

13. Black & White 

The majority of guests wear black, making this a formal occasion that is both easy to decorate for and popular among those who are invited. Since black complements every hue, you can experiment with a wide range of color schemes, including the ever-popular black and red, black and gold, gold and white, and even all white. If you already have a favorite color associated with your brand, you can use that as your foundational hue.

14. Carnival 

Popcorn and candyfloss on the snack tables, large, eye-catching signs, performers, funfair rides, a wide variety of booths, and plenty of games are all excellent places to begin with this theme. The invites can be made to look like vintage tickets, and a big top tent or elements inspired by the shape of a tent can be included into the design of other elements.

15. People In History 

The event will feel more like a page out of history if guests are encouraged to dress the part. Large, life-size objects from various time periods and actors in period garb can be used to create an immersive historical atmosphere. Because of this, you may have characters from different time periods interact with each other and have one geographical region blend into another, which is always exciting to arrange.

16. The Orient Express 

The event will feel more like a page out of history if guests are encouraged to dress the part. Large, life-size objects from various time periods and actors in period garb can be used to create an immersive historical atmosphere. Because of this, you may have characters from different time periods interact with each other and have one geographical region blend into another, which is always exciting to arrange.

17. Oktoberfest

To avoid missing out on either the October festivities or the trip to Munich, think of this as an “event conception,” in which one event is predicated on another to allow you to enjoy both at any time of the year. The browns and greens of a German beer festival provide a wealth of ideas for home decor. Large tents and a modest carnival, if space permits, would be great for outside activities.

18. Harry Potter 

Even after 19 years, the Harry Potter obsession shows no signs of slowing down, so why not employ a Harry Potter theme? Anyone who attends your event will want to be a wizard for the day, whether it’s to play Quidditch as a teambuilding activity or to use quills instead of regular pens. You may use these candles to create beautiful lighting effects, which are especially nice for dining in a more formal setting.

19. Rockabilly

You can’t go wrong with a rockabilly or 1950s theme because it’s all about early rock and roll, and that goes whether you want to take inspiration from the beloved Grease film and re-create memorable sequences or draw on the music and themes of the era. You can use the blues and country music, as well as drive-throughs and American diners, to create a pleasant atmosphere.

20. Chocolate Heaven 

Who doesn’t adore chocolate? Large chocolate props as decoration, fondue fountains, chocolate gift boxes as party favors, and fondue as a main course are all great options for such an occasion. Choose beige and chocolate brown as your color palette; this combination is both soothing and sensual, much like the aphrodisiacal properties of chocolate.

21. Moulin Rouge

As with its source material, the film features cabaret, courtesans, and the can-can dance. The emphasis is on dancing and entertainment, thus the color scheme features bright reds and golds (the name means “Red Mill”), along with taffeta and overall extravagance (think of the big elephant!).

22. Alice In Wonderland 

A perennial classic, with lots of material for inspiration in the many offbeat aspects of the film and book adaptations. You might, for instance, replicate the iconic garden scene with big flower props and interior foliage, or you could focus on the Queen of Hearts and her croquet for an outdoor event, or you could go down the rabbit hole and have upside down furniture and string daily items from the ceiling.

24. Emerald City 

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s goal is to reach the Emerald City, which is less of a stretch than it sounds. The space has been converted into a lush forest through the use of uplighting and digital projections. Other ways to incorporate the “yellow brick road” theme include using projected mapping or yellow carpet (instead of red) on the floor.

25. Atlantis

The current trend of mermaids lends itself well to an underwater theme complete with blue lighting, marine life, and tropical plants. You can use shells as centerpieces and hang bubbles or seaweed streamers from the ceiling without breaking the bank.

26. African Safari 

Decorate with lots of animal print and think about The Lion King for ideas. Members of the audience could dress as wild beasts, and the staff could don the garb of safari leaders. Animal stilt walkers or other animal visitors, like birds and parrots, can add whimsy and make for great photos. Choose flowers with big foliage and bold hues.

27. Disney

Disney music is a fan favorite because it is timeless and versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings, including but not limited to weddings and business events. Select a Disney film or book to serve as inspiration for your party. A wedding might look like Cinderella, while a fundraiser for animals would draw inspiration from 101 Dalmations.

28. Wear Anything But Clothes 

That doesn’t imply people have to dress as Adam and Eve or show up in nothing but their birthday suits; rather, it implies they can wear whatever they like as long as it’s not something commonly worn. It’s an essential that must be manufactured. Strange as it may sound, this prompts some truly inspired gowns and three-piece suits made from nothing more than book pages, police tape, and even toilet paper!

29. A Day At The Farm

Having a day at the farm can lend a sense of rustic simplicity to any event’s theme. You should use enough hay, however it might be used either indoors or out. Tiny pitchfork centerpieces are a delightful addition, and guests can dress as farmers or their favorite barnyard animals.

30. Fitness 

A healthy event theme that emphasizes fitness, exercise, and doing one’s best could be a hit with guests, who are more concerned with their health and wellbeing. Participants might be encouraged to wear activewear, and a range of high- and low-impact exercise options could be showcased in workshops and displays. For beverages, a smoothie or juice bar would go well, and a unique salad bar would be well received.

Some Good Themes For Meetings 

You’ll find an universe of alternatives for venue, decorations, food, activities, and more when planning business events and meetings. So many options can produce information overload and make choosing tough. A theme can help guarantee that every decision you make during event planning creates a coherent meeting for attendees. Choosing a theme early and sticking to it has many benefits, including:

Message Support 

A theme can be an effective strategy to convey the event’s message and meet stakeholder goals. Say the event is to kick off a long-term goal and urge staff to look forward so they make decisions now that support success tomorrow. 

A future-themed event would be fun for attendees and highlight the message. The day’s events might highlight the organization’s long-term goal and the importance of looking ahead.

Cohesive Attendees Experience 

From communication before the event to follow-up after it, a theme will help make your event’s brand unique and easy to remember. 

By using a theme, you give your attendees a cohesive experience that ties everything together. This is how the brain processes information: by putting things into categories.

Every part of the event that fits with the theme helps bring it all together. Choose a hands-on activity that fits with the theme, choose food that goes with it, and even pick a mode of transportation that ties in with it in some way. 

For example, you’re in charge of a company meeting where the goal is to boost productivity and morale in many different departments. You have chosen a theme about water. To bring about this unity:

The location is on the ocean or a large body of water.

You have drinks and food that are based on the ocean.

Your color scheme is a mix of blues that are used in all pre-event communications, the event website, brochures, and materials for the day of the event.

You’ve set up a boat to take attendees from the airport to the venue.

The activity you chose to drive home the message is related to the water theme and helps you reach the goals you set.

Since a theme was set, all of these parts could be chosen during the planning process to make sure that attendees had a consistent experience. No matter how silly or serious the theme is, it ties everything together and makes the event stand out.

Engagement & Excitement 

The theme of the event is a great way to get people excited about it and keep them interested while they’re there. Using communication before the event, you can drop hints about what the theme is, getting attendees excited about what’s to come. 

Then, they will spend the rest of the day looking for elements and small details that relate to the theme, making it a fun and interesting experience that is worth telling others about.

Gamification is not just a way to add more fun to your corporate event agenda; it can also be a unique way to get your key messages across and help your attendees learn useful skills. 

When it’s done right, gamification helps attendees feel like they’re really a part of the event. It also gets rid of tired tricks that attendees expect, like speakers, icebreakers, magicians, or comedians. 

If you want to add gamification to a corporate event you are planning, take the time to think about the things in this article so you can make a plan to gamify your event successfully.


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