Planning A Birthday Party Project Management

planning a birthday party

Planning a birthday party is an exciting experience. Birthdays are memories, reliving every moment of our lives. If you love, care, and support them, then it seems okay to make this day an incredible one. Even so, there is something more important than the party itself—the plan. The plan is what forms the structure of … Read more

Discover the Secret to a Successful Event

What you should know about Ushers. Have you ever attended an event that left you in awe of how smooth and organized things went? Have you hosted an event that made you gnashed your teeth in regret of how badly things turned out? The answer isn’t far-fetched. There’s no gainsaying that one of the secrets … Read more

Event Centres in Lagos: 5 Tips to Sustain Profitability.

woman working with the computer describing skills event management

Event Centres are regarded by most as one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria. The business to some, is a money spinner. These venues are built for the purpose of hosting corporate events, award ceremonies, and other social events such as weddings, anniversaries, etc.  They are often leased on a daily or hourly basis. As … Read more