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What you should know about Ushers.

Have you ever attended an event that left you in awe of how smooth and organized things went?

Have you hosted an event that made you gnashed your teeth in regret of how badly things turned out?

The answer isn’t far-fetched. There’s no gainsaying that one of the secrets of hosting a successful event is employing the services of smart and well trained ushers. However, what is obtainable today is quite the opposite. Most event planners pick people at random to double as ushers and servers. Some do not even regard ushers as an important aspect of an event. To them, ushers are irrelevant and unnecessary. The result? A grumbling host who isn’t satisfied with the event. 


A saying goes thus, “an event without the presence of ushers is like a moving car without brakes”. It is doomed for disaster. At this point, you are probably wondering and asking, are ushers that important to a successful event? This is not surprising considering how the term usher is defined. However, let’s find out from this scenario the need for ushers in an event.  

A man walks into an event half-populated with people waiting for the event to commence. He wanders about, skimming for an empty seat, he discovers that all seats have been assigned and reserved for people whose names are placed on the tables. He can’t find his name, and there is no usher to help him with his plight. Tired of wandering about, he sits on an empty seat though reserved, hoping the actual owner of the space wouldn’t show up. Minutes later, the owner shows up and demands for his seat. An argument ensues, it becomes heated, and things get messy. It is later discovered that the man had walked into the wrong venue. There was no signage, no banner and no usher to have assisted him in identifying the right venue which was just adjacent to the hall he entered. 

The question now is, would the chaos have been prevented if there was an usher to attend to him at his point of arrival? I guess your answer is affirmative. This goes to show that ushers are important to the success of an event. The need for ushers cannot be downplayed. Let us carefully list out the roles of ushers in events:

  • Welcoming guests upon arrival, 
  • Screening tickets or invitation cards, 
  • Directing guests to the appropriate seats, 
  • Coordinating the flow of movement, 
  • Distributing programs and other items, 
  • Attending to complaints or enquiries and providing the needed solutions. 

Having discussed the importance of ushers and their roles in an event, you may wonder, where can I find good ushers, and how much will it cost me? Granted, there are platforms where ushers can be hired. If you do a search on Google, you may likely find some. However, most of these ushers are not professionally trained to deliver great service to your guests. It goes beyond having a pretty face or warring sexy outfit. Ushers are actually event assistants who ensure your guests are happy and help to coordinate the flow of things. They must be service oriented and must have good interpersonal skills. 

As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, trusting your events in the hands of a reputable company gives you the best. NDU CONNECT ENTERPRISE is that company you can trust to deliver in this regard. Our company provides event assistants, as we call them, at little or no cost. How?

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