Event decoration on a budget: 10 affordable tips to decorate your events beautifully without spending a lot.

We can all agree that event decoration sets the right mood for your guests and somewhat triggers the general party mood. All of the small details that go into creating the setting for your event are collectively referred to as event decoration. Still, as important as good decorations are to event planning, people cannot eat them. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to strike a balance between the budgets allotted for the various components of the event. The success of the event would be negatively impacted by spending the entire budget on decorations, but the same is true if decorations are completely ignored in the budget. Balance, then, is the goal. Balance is essential. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that the type of décor you’ll need will be heavily influenced by the kind of event you’re planning. This article shows you how to make good decisions concerning your event decoration, all on a budget! 

10 event decoration tips on a budget

  1. Pick the right venue: Choose a suitable location for your event, and then make the necessary modifications to fit the theme. Event decoration is a collaboration between your team, the venue management, and possibly an event decorator. Make sure the aesthetics of the venue are complemented by your décor. Negotiate to see if they can include some of their in-house decor in the price since many venues frequently host events.
  1. Decide whether to rent or buy event decor:This depends on if you’re a regular event decorator, or just a one time decorator for a specific event. Renting and buying each have advantages and disadvantages. If you’re planning a one-time event and don’t need the decor for subsequent events, renting it can often be less expensive than buying it. The drawback of renting event décor is that, if you’re organizing an event for a client, you miss out on a potential revenue stream. In the case of buying, if you intend to use the decorations for multiple events, it might also make sense to spend more money on them. The drawback of purchasing event decor is that you are responsible for its storage, upkeep, and replacement, all of which can be very costly. So either find a local event decor rental service that will offer you a good price, or a wholesale event decor supplier that has decorations for sale.
  1. Work with a template for your designs: Look for design templates for your signage, invitations, itineraries, menus, and name cards on a website like Canva. You won’t have to spend as much on a graphic designer or pricey custom calligraphy.
  1. Use affordable accessories: The truth is your event decoration accessories don’t have to be expensive. Simple affordable materials and clothing can work well to beautify the event. Budget-friendly basketware, woven trays, placemats, and Chinese porcelain can add the final touch of personality while still stretching a budget. Additionally, you could combine expensive pieces with more affordable ones.
  1. Use eye-catching tableware: Even without crystal stemware or fine china, you can still be creative with your table decorations. Think of something unusual to draw your guests’ attention, whether it be the centerpiece, the napkins, or even bowls filled with candy of various colors. In some events technology is incorporated, using an iPad as a centerpiece to display event information, presentations, or images, to improve visibility for guests sitting at the back. Or even simple event decoration ideas like brochures to display event information, presentations, or photographs.
  1. Good lighting: Take advantage of good lighting because it can give the event a completely different appearance. When it comes to lighting design, the type of event matters. Uplighters, fairy lights, strings of big bulb lights, and candles are your best friend when it comes to decorating your venues. These lighting elements are not expensive, but they make a world of difference. To turn an empty space into a moody event space, you can set your uplighters to particular color schemes. You can drape fairy lights all over your venue, which is another excellent way to make a big impact on a tight budget.  
  1. Lanterns and Balloons: Balloon decorations are once again popular. To make your balloon accents stand out, you now have a ton of options. As well as lettered banner balloons, confetti-filled and tulle-covered helium balloons are also very popular and work incredibly well to add interest and a playful vibe to an empty space. Another great way to brighten up your event without spending a lot of money is with lanterns. Place them in various tones that match your color scheme and suspend them from the ceiling.
  1. Seating arrangements: Everyone needs chairs at an event, but that doesn’t mean they have to be set up in the same boring way every time. You can start by arranging the chairs differently to make your event stand out. Use community seating instead of a traditional banquet or a theater setup to keep your guests interested. By picking the chair’s style, you can up the ante on event décor. Get a variety of seating options, such as couches, bar stools, and bean bag chairs, if the setting permits.
  1. Use of artificial flowers, greenery, and color: Color is a crucial component of event design. Many planners use flowers to integrate color, but large floral displays can be expensive. The linens, plates, chairs, skirting, and other essentials for the event should all be colored in imaginative ways. If your client is concerned about the environment, you can use fake plants and flowers to decorate the event and keep it eco-friendly because they are reusable and actually less expensive. You can also find many alternatives made from other sustainable resources, like silk, if your client is concerned about the use of plastic. 
  1. Food décor: Don’t be afraid to let the food serve as both decoration and food. A cake and dessert table, for instance, can make a lovely centerpiece for a fundraiser or wedding reception. Consider your food to be art. How can your food be displayed to match your event and add something “a little extra” rather than just basic ? Organizing your food can include stacking, arranging it in rows, cutting it into specific shapes, and more.

We’ll end this piece by quoting one of history’s greatest presidents;

If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the ax.

Abraham Lincoln

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