Tips To Get The Best Event Photographer In Lagos Mainland

As an event photographer, the primary job is focused on significant moments. A lady once had business meetings with partners of her company. She hired two event photographers. She realized that after the event the face of the most important personality was not captured. That’s exactly what happens when you pick your photography from sampling.

This article will help you make the best choice on event photography. We will cover how to get the best individual for your event shoot, tips on event photography ideas and becoming the most sort after-event photographer.

When you select an event photographer, you are selecting a partner to whom you will commit your brand.

It’s critical to choose the correct photographer since photography may be critical to the success of your event, particularly when it comes to marketing.

Furthermore, event photography may be a thrilling experience. It may help you create a memorable event with new features like as live projections, rapid downloads, and holographic prints.

7 Steps To Hire The Best Hand In Photography

Step 1: What do you want?

You need to understand your event and have a firm grasp of what you want. To effectively handle this, there 5Ws you must give attention to:

What – What kind of gathering are you putting together? Is it a modest meeting, or will there be a lot of people there? The amount of ground that has to be covered by the photographer during your event will be directly proportional to the size of the gathering.

Why – Ask yourself why your event is being hosted and what it is that you want to accomplish by doing so.

Who – Just who is invited to your party? People from many walks of life attend events, from conference speakers to A-list actors at galas.

Where – Where exactly are you holding this event? There may be capacity constraints at an indoor venue, and the event might be cancelled due to inclement weather at an outside location.

When – What kind of schedule do you have? The day and nighttime appearances of venues, especially outdoor ones, can be strikingly different from one another.

Step 2: Request for Referrals

A personal reference is often the greatest method to ensure that you acquire a reputable event photographer.

Ask your fellow planners, as well as relatives and friends, whether they have had any favourable experiences.

Keep in mind that photographers specialize in certain fields. A studio portrait photographer may not be the best fit for event photography, which demands a distinct set of abilities.

Step 3: Search Google

A fast Google search will provide various studios and freelancers.

Studios use their own in-house event photographers, which may sometimes (but not always!) be a quality guarantee. While some companies provide typical packages with set rates, you should always request an estimate for your unique needs.

Many photographers, on the other hand, are active on Instagram or Facebook. If you notice an event photographer whose style you like, contact them to arrange a meeting.

Step 4: Post An Ad

If you don’t have time and don’t have a certain photographer in mind, you may post a job ad and have photographers come to you instead.

There are several employment boards where event photographers may post their resumes.

If you have Instagram or Facebook profiles, these might be excellent places to publicize your search.

Alternatively, there are many active photographic forums on Facebook—always check to see whether posting a job is permitted before doing so.

You should keep your postings concise and succinct so that interested photographers know what to anticipate.

Step 5: Check Their Portfolio

Do you have a favorite event photographer?

Begin by reviewing their website for information on their advertised services and previous experience.

Be on the lookout for their skill sets.

Can they function with flash? This is vital for low-light situations, such as interior venues and evening events.

What is their shooting style—do they excel at capturing genuine moments or staged group shots?

Don’t only focus on the high points. Any photographer may look excellent by displaying only the finest photos.

Request that they provide you with all of the images from a single occasion and assess the consistency of their work. It’s fantastic to have a few outstanding photographs, but it’s not enough if the rest of the photos aren’t consistently good.

Step 6: Talk ABout Deliverables

You must be aware of a photographer’s timetable for sending images. Many event photographers would want you to wait from days to weeks for the photographs.

Depending on your objectives, this turnaround time might be significant.

If you’re planning a social media campaign or require the photographs for press coverage, you’ll need to work with your event photographer on a much faster turnaround. This might occasionally result in additional expenses.

Step 7: Discuss The Budget

Higher costs frequently indicate that you’re working with more experienced event photographers. If getting high-quality photographs of your event is crucial, you may want to collaborate with an experienced professional for piece of mind.

If you have a limited budget, you might seek for event photographers that are just getting started. While they may be less experienced, many of them are exceptional talents who only need an opportunity.

Many photographers provide various packages with differing levels of coverage and amenities. Some may include extras like tangible prints or live galleries.

To minimize surprises later on, it is critical to explicitly define your expectations beforehand.

Imagine having a photographer who shows up late

To avod disappointing stories on your event day

Step 8: Check Their Schedules

You’ve finally decided on a photographer for your occasion.

Make a note of the relevant facts as soon as possible:

  • Time and date
  • Event location
  • List of desires

While it may seem apparent, make certain that the photographer is accessible on the date of your event before proceeding with any more conversation.

Some event photographers will try to squeeze in many shoots in a single day. If you’re unhappy with it, or if you think you’ll need them to extend their coverage, let them know right away.

Let’s go on to the venue and bucket list.

Step 9: Run Checks On The Venue

It is critical for event photographers to be familiar with the place in which they will be working.

For example, if there is a vast space with several hotspots during the event, they must know how to cover all of the key places.

Alternatively, the lighting conditions may be difficult—they may need to carry additional lighting equipment to acquire adequate exposures.

In most cases, the event photographer should arrive 30 minutes early to scope out the site. You might wish to take down more intricate events a few days before the event.

Step 10: Create Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is the greatest approach to ensure that you obtain the photos you desire.

This is especially crucial if your event has a lot of different regions to cover, since your event photographer may wind up getting photos that you don’t truly need.

Consider the objective of the images while creating your bucket list.

Are you utilizing them to promote your event? Do you want to focus on your attendees, or is the product the star of the show (for product launches)?

Every year, there are several events and conventions. As a result, the emphasis is on advertising the event—you’d want to capture the experience and enthusiasm to get people enthusiastic about joining.

What about a product launch? Instead, your attention will be drawn to the product, which will occupy the majority of the photographs.

Consider how the photographs will be shared.

Will they be distributed through your marketing channels?

Do you want your guests to be passionate about sharing the images for you, so helping you spark social media conversations? If this is the case, it’s critical that they receive their images as soon as possible—while they’re still excited about your event.


Event photography is an evolving industry, with new innovations to choose from. Always think through what your event needs and what the photographer offers.

This guide will equip you with the process for finding the right event photographer, and ensuring a successful working relationship.

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