10 Things an Event Plan Manager Do to Make 7 Figures in 30 Days

There are ten things that an Event Plan Manager has to perform in order to make seven figures in thirty days. The job of event plan manager is one of the most demanding jobs in the world, whilst also being one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

An event plan manager is responsible for making sure that everything that is associated with an event is taken care of, including the conception of ideas, preparations, and daily logistics. This is primarily because they are tasked with the creation of experiences and the realization of visions, and event plan managers are skilled at juggling multiple tasks at the same time.

How to Get Started as an Event Plan Manager even if you have no Previous Experience.

  1. Get yourself some schooling.

Think about getting your degree in event planning or a career that’s quite comparable to it. There is a vast range of degrees available to professional event managers, and each one teaches a unique set of skills essential for a successful career in event planning. Some relevant college degrees include:

Hotel and restaurant management: Completing a degree program in this area enables students to get an understanding of the fundamentals involved in the planning and execution of large-scale events, as well as an introduction to the hospitality and catering industries.


Any huge event is going to require a competent marketer in control, one who is capable of attracting people, organizing promotional activities, and maintaining consistent messages.

Public relations:

A professional in public relations acts as a liaison between the public and an organization. In addition, public relations professionals are frequently heavily involved in the marketing of an organization and the development of events that bring the organization greater public awareness.

This degree would provide students with hands-on experience in people management, leadership, drawing the public, and working with subcontractors to create commercial ties, all of which are critical skills for event management professionals.

Earning a degree may both boost your marketability and provide evidence that you possess valuable talents.

  1. Acquire the appropriate professional qualifications.

There’s a good chance that coursework and professional certifications in event planning are offered at the institution in your area. You are able to seek other professional certificates in addition to those offered by the universities and colleges in your area, including the following:

The Convention Industry Council is responsible for the development of the Certified Meeting Professional, or CMP (CIC)

The International Live Events Association recommends that individuals obtain their Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) certification (ILEA)

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events is in charge of administering the Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) program (IAEE)

  1. Find your niche

Finding your specialization entails deciding whatever aspect of event planning you wish to concentrate your efforts on mastering. You are able to specialize in practically any kind of event because of the fact that event planning is such a broad and varied area.

Some examples of events that fall under this category include stockholders’ retreats, fundraisers, and children’s birthday parties. Maintain the ability to deal with any customer, especially at the beginning of your career; however, place your primary emphasis on your areas of professional strength and interest within the industry, as this will allow you to build certain areas of competence. You may establish your speciality by determining the types of events that you most love organising and focusing your job search on gaining expertise in those areas.

A demonstrated love and passion for a certain kind of event might attract companies or organizations who are seeking the finest planner for that particular kind of event if you have a speciality in that area of the event planning industry.

For instance, if you place the utmost importance on the preparation of corporate retreats, you should make certain that your expertise and portfolio demonstrate that you are the best option for retreat management.

What is Event Management?

Event management is the process of planning, organizing, and carrying out a variety of different types of social gatherings, including business meetings and conventions, trade exhibits, charitable and award ceremonies, and entertainment events.

The scale and nature of the gathering will determine the level of difficulty and attention to detail required for the planning phase. Once the event has been established, administering it requires setting up a website for the event, asking people to register online, engaging and communicating with attendees, selling tickets, collecting money, checking in participants, and collecting feedback from attendees.

The components of a successful event plan manager are as follows:

Before you can make seven figures in thirty days, you need to be an exceptional event plan manager, which, fortunately for you, is a part of what I will be teaching you today.

When the following things are true about your event planning skills:

Always be on the lookout for unique locations with amazing views.

The big secret that most event plan managers fail to realize is that good scenery brings delight to the soul. So always be on the lookout for unique locations with amazing views.

Pay close attention to the particulars; take note of everything!

You should know that the pins are crooked and need to be straightened and that the colour of the tablecloth contrasts with the lightning. These are some of the big things, some of the not-so-big things, and some of the smallest things. There is a good chance that the customer will notice and will not be pleased.

Pay attention to budget management

When it comes to managing budgets, one of the most common problems that arise is the realization that there was no profit earned after all of the expenditures have been deducted. Figure out how to cut costs as much as possible while making the most of your money.

Passion for planning: If, after everything is said and done, you don’t have any passion for event plan management, you’d easily burn out.

This is because the world of event plan management is a difficult one, and the only thing that can help you navigate your way around it is your love and your passion for it.

As a manager of an event planning team, important abilities to have:

Capabilities in Organization:

People who manage event plans tend to be highly organized. Therefore, having a strong eye for detail and being very organized is at the top of our list of skills that are essential to have.

From the beginning phases of strategy development all the way to the post-event checklist, planners are responsible for ensuring that client schedules, finances, and details function like a well-oiled machine.

Planners should be able to remember even the most minute of particulars, be on time with everything, meet deadlines, schedule deliveries and setups, and do all of this while maintaining a pleasant demeanour.

Skilled in Networking:

All of the most capable planners are also skilled networkers. The events industry is highly dependent on its employees and the relationships they maintain. As a result, you will require an extensive network of various event professionals, including but not limited to caterers, photographers, DJs, bands, lighting and A/V, decor, video, and more.

This network will be called upon by you to ensure that your events are ones that your customers will never forget. On the other hand, you want the same network to refer customers to you so that you may make money.

Resilience and Adaptability:

In the world of events, if there is one thing that is certain, it is that things will go wrong at some point. Murphy’s law says it all! And there are instances when you have no idea what it will be until the very day it takes place.

Being able to bounce back from adversity and adjust to new circumstances will be quite helpful in this situation. This ability encompasses the “go with the flow” mentality that you’ll need in order to prevail over problems that arise throughout an event.

Both in front of customers and behind the scenes, the most successful event planners maintain a demeanour that is collected, cool, and collected. They have the ability to think rapidly on their feet and find a solution to any problem that has been presented their way.

A fundamental comprehension of the happenings:

My role as a planner requires me to act as the component of the event that is responsible for bringing the various members of the team together. Despite this, it does not follow that I am the most qualified person to manage the many aspects of the event. However, I do have the most complete comprehension of what is taking place.

For instance, an event planner needs to be familiar with how to create a floorplan, what an RFP is, how long it will take to serve dinner, how many people can fit in a room, and how to collaborate with catering staff.

Event workers are expected to have an understanding of the fundamental requirements of bands and DJs, AV businesses, rental companies, florists, and decorators. In addition to this, you need to be aware of the differences between reasonable and unreasonable requests. Having a firm grasp on these fundamentals will facilitate the development of stronger connections with your vendors, as well as the production of fantastic event experiences for all parties involved.

Unrestrained Creativity:

Customers will look to you for innovative ideas because of this trait. You should get ready to think of some great and original ideas.

Even while some of your customers might not be ready to dive headfirst into the process of event design, they will still turn to you as a guide for the aspects of design with which they are most at ease.

The creative process can begin in a wide variety of settings. When you find yourself in need of some ideas, consider the following:

You can keep up with the most recent developments in event design by browsing Pinterest and Instagram.

Follow blogs as they often include events that are relevant to the most recent fashion trends.

Pantone announces a Color of the Year on a yearly basis. This colour represents the colours that will be prominent in event design throughout the course of the next year.

If you want to know what your favourite thought leaders believe will be the next big thing in events, you should follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Service to Customers as a Primary Focus

In the end, the ability to actually make things take place is one of the most valuable skills that an event planner can possess.

These are some key customer service phrases that can answer just about any question a customer might have and reassure any anxieties.

Phrases like “Not a problem,” “Let me see what I can do,” “Absolutely,” and “My pleasure” are common ones that I use frequently.

Your client’s fears will be alleviated significantly if you demonstrate that you have a strong devotion to the client.

People’s Favourite:

How Do You Do in Comparison to Others When it Comes to Your Ability to Organize Events?

Always maintain your consistency, and do not stop turning up. Take these abilities, develop them, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful career in the events business.

The beautiful thing about working in the events industry is that there is no shortage of chances to learn and improve.

In conclusion, becoming an event plan manager is highly sorted after in the business of event management requires a cluster of must-dos. First, you must be the one with the master plan. And this is informed by a wealth of previous experience. Having said that, you must master the components of successful event planning which include:

  • Being on the lookout for amazing locations. If your intention is to give a wow moment to your clients, you will find this quality a goldmine.
  • Give attention to the tiniest details.
  • Never ignore the usefulness of budgeting. Whatever is not in the budget can wait.
  • Wealth is organic with passion. In this industry, if you don’t have one; pick one.

And then we discussed the important abilities to command in event management.

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