Salary Review Of An Event Planner In Nigeria And The US

An event planner in Nigeria earns less than their colleagues in the United States. The factors for this disparity in salary is not hidden under the carpet.

Briefly, in this article, we will take a walk to the global market and see what lies on the table.

 According to CareerExplorer, event planners earn an average yearly salary of $49,470. Wages typically start from $30,170 and go up to $96,230.

“The average salary for a Event Planner is $22.52 per hour in United States” – Indeed.

Payscale says “The average salary for an Event Planner is $51555.”

“Meeting, Convention and Event Planners earned an average salary of $55,890 in 2020″ – USNews.

The compensation for an Event Planner position in the United States varies from $2583 to $6000 per month, with an average monthly salary of $4214.

What event planners in Nigeria are paid

Unless it’s a company, often, the event coordinator hire other people to do the work and provide the supplies and materials needed to put on an event. They charge their clients anywhere from 10 to 20% of the total cost of the event, with 15% being a good average.

The average base salary for event planning in Nigeria ₦1m / year – Payscale.

“A person working as a Meeting and Event Manager in Nigeria typically earns around 432,000 NGN per month” – SalaryExplorer.

According to Glassdoor, the average monthly income for an Event Planner in the Lagos region is predicted to be NGN 500,000. The median is the middle point of the salary ranges calculated by our exclusive Total Pay Estimate methodology and based on user submissions.


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