NDU Connect Meetings & Events – Why Everyone Is Talking About Us In Mainland Lagos

NDU Connect Meets & Events makes you experience the reality of being a proud host anyone can count on from the idea development room to the stage of being congratulated by the guests.

The planning stage of your event requires a heavy-lifting brain focus. The execution phase of what has been planned requires experience. All of this put together needs the expertise of one who is in certified in managing social and corporate functions.

Our business model involves making an impact in the MICE sector and providing real satisfaction.

Event Execution By NDU Connect Meetings

Let’s assume you have the ideas of how you want your event to be. But you don’t have the technical know-how of implementing these wonderful ideas of yours. We come in to help you with the plan.

That’s one. Sometimes, you implement the whole event ideas about from start to finish and get stuck on the way. We come in to save you the day. That way, you escape the embarrassment and shame from the guests and attendees.

Event Meals & Refreshment

There will be absolutely no need to contract NDU Connect Meetings & Events and then go through the stress of hiring event caterers separately. We are also trained professional caterers with high level of hygiene. Oh, you will love the meals, I guarantee!

Warning! You might want to forget about dinner for the day because our finger-licking food and snacks keep you wowed all through the event.

Hotel Accommodation

Sometimes, guests arrive the meeting with request to private accommodation. Other times, it could be unplanned situation such as over-lapping events. We take pride in helping our event attendees and guests to secure a beautiful roof over their heads tailored to their preferences.

Comprehensive Planning & Hospitality

Together with our clients, we conceive, develop, and put into action event strategies that will allow us to realize the goals and aims that have been established. In this case, we are participating in all stages of the process.

Feel The Excitement

Exactly what happens to you at the close of each event you let us manage.


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