21 Hot Skills Event Management Leverage To Cup $1500 Monthly

The dynamic nature of skills event management places the industry as one of the most lucrative skills in the world today. A lot has changed in today’s world, and it’s the same with events. The structure and tactics of great event management keep changing, which is why it is necessary for you to be up-to-date to be successful in event management. Here are the 21 must-have skills that reveal the secret of successful event management. For example, with just a basic certificate in managing corporate events, you can draw millions into your coffers weekly.

Making money as a startup planner of events

The demand for people who plan events is constantly on the rise. These days, one no longer needs a heavy lifting certificate to get noticed.

All you have to do is to choose a niche, choose the right social media platform to be visible, have excellent customer service and outsource the best you can.

Here are 21 must-have skills that reveal the secret of successful event management.


In event management, you need to have the ability to pass information to your team, vendors, and attendees with respect, boldness, and clarity, and not just pass information alone but receive information and share ideas. This ensures that the goal and vision are crystal clear to everyone. Event managers are always active and lively. Communication skill is not just integral to effectively managing an event but it is the bedrock of the success of the entire program.


Event managers have two ears and one mouth. They use it in that proportion. They are great listeners and better communicators. What am I trying to say? You have to listen more to know more about the event, the previous event, or any related events. Pay close attention to spoken and unspoken words. This gives you a clear picture of what they want and allows you to collaborate well with them. 

Problem-solving ability

This is literally what differentiates an individual and an event manager. Not everyone has the ability to identify a problem, determine the cause, and come up with solutions at a crucial point when needed. You have to know that even with your best effort and a great plan, things might not go out well as it’s supposed. Your ability to come up with solutions when faced with some hurdles will be needed all through in event management.

Organizing ability

This is the most tasking and delicate task that involve the most energy and time because in the process of focusing on the big picture you have to keep track of your little details. It involves bringing the team together, budgeting, making appointments, documenting files and many more. To have a successful event, there must be an organized team/management that carries out the necessary task which makes the event seems stress-free.


If you are not good at bargaining, then you aren’t in for this. In managing events, negotiating a contract will always pop up along the line and your ability to make things work at both ends without conflict or discomfort will always be needed.


This comes just after negotiation, its includes preparation, booking and accounting. In short, it means making do with what is available.


there are misconceptions about whether creativity is inborn or learned. The truth is creativity can be learned over time, but the degree to which an individual’s creativity varies. In event management, your creative skill will be tested and unfolded with each process you take towards planning and creating a successful event. Learn, unlearn, relearn, explore, and practice are the keys to creativity.


To have effective success, leadership is required. Success can be acquired by almost everybody but success without leadership ability only brings limited success- John Maxwell. You need to be able to bring your team to one accord and work together coordinately to bring about great success. Effective success can be traced to the good leadership-the ability to influence your team to work together to achieve a common goal.

Decision making

One of the qualities that strengthen event management is good decision-making skills. The ability to make a rightful and thoughtful decision at the right time, and to oppose wrong innovation in a respectful and clarifying manner.


Experience is a great teacher, no experience is small. Experience is experiencing and that’s it. You are trusted when you have outstanding qualities like (great communication, great leadership, etc.) but you are trusted even more when experience is present. People won’t doubt your proficiency and are more comfortable working with you. But if you don’t have any yet, don’t worry-give it time.

Time management

Time cannot be replaced when lost. You need to be able to deal with a lot of things within a short time phase in an event. Time is never enough, but the wise use of time is essential in event management. A good event manager gives their time to their priorities and not minorities.


An event planner must be energized and willing to do their task. Also, they must be able to set SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals. Intelligence and smartness are important areas in event management.

Ability to stay calm under tension

Most time, fear kicks in and are emanated through the process of planning an event. You get overwhelmed by how the event processes are going and the things that still need to be put in place. Even when things don’t go as planned, you need to stay calm in tense situations so that you will be able to take the best decision that brings good success to your team.

Research ability

As reading is to students, so is research for event managers. You have to know, so you can learn and practice. Researching helps you have a basic understanding of how the event works and what is needed to be put in place. It involves learning and practising.


Mother Teresa once said “you can do what I can’t do, I can do what you can’t do. Together we can do great things.” Division brings separation, and separation brings low results but togetherness and unity bring success.


This is the most essential skill to have in order to have an unforgettable event. Managing a team will come with several tasks, your service might not be required in only one area but in various sections. Event management is multitasking, it needs flexible individuals.


Only a committed and passionate team can drive an event to a high level of performance. When all the people involved in making the event great are well focused, it of no doubt that such an event will be outstanding.

Accepting event feedback

You can improve your future event by accepting, responding, and implementing your audience or clients’ feedback about your current event. The best of your event is never the best. Most times it’s may seem as though an event is faultless and perfect until you receive some constructive feedback about an event.

Ability to delegate

Those who like to do everything themselves, often lose control of everything and end up doing nothing. As an event manager, you won’t be able to do everything yourselves, that’s why you will need to delegate some tasks to your team member. This requires trust and needs time to build, but it is essential for event managers to have.

Strive for excellence

Nobody like mediocre or their work, everyone wants excellence, not an average job. Though it may seem difficult to be perfect you must try and strive for perfection and excellence.

Technical ability

Regardless of the virtual status of the event, technology is going to be involved in some areas. An event manager doesn’t need to be an expert computer coder or device genius. Technological proficiency is one of the most important skills required for event management.


We have discussed the skills event management demands to stay on top of your game. However, the onus is on you to consistently improve on high-tech innovations.

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